Cheerful Sounds

These wind chimes can be hung on the door, wall, window, porch, or tree - anywhere you like. Whether you wait for the wind to blow or play with them in your hands, they create pleasant and cheerful sounds.

Make You Own Wind Chiem Kit

The wind chime kit can be DIY to make your own wind chimes alone or with friend and family, Kids love listening the magical music with nature with wind chime that they made themselves!

Wind Chime Kit Includes

Our DIY wind chime kit includes 12 wooden fishbone pieces, 36 wind chime tubes, 2 paintbrushes, silver wire and colored ropes, 1 rhinestone stickers

How To Play the Fish Bone Wind Chiem Kit

Open all accessories

1.DIY decorate use paint or color pen(there no paint included) and rhinestone sticker

2.Cut the silver wire to appropriate length and thread it into the wind chime tubes hole , then through the hole under the wooden fish bone

3.Use the colored rope through the hole above the wooden fish bone

4.Your DIY wind chime is completed