How to make bubbles for bubble machine?

The bubble machine, as a toy or decorative tool that creates fun and surprises, can easily create a dreamy atmosphere. Whether you're adding fun to your kids' outdoor activities or adding a touch of romance to weddings, parties, and more, it's crucial to know how to use your bubble machine correctly. This guide will explain in detail how to effectively use the bubble machine to create rich and colorful bubbles.

Preparation for using the bubble machine

1. Check the bubble liquid: Make sure your bubble liquid is sufficient and not expired. This is the basis for producing high-quality bubbles. Homemade bubble liquid can be made by mixing water, dish soap, and sugar (optional) in certain proportions.

2. Install the battery/charge: Depending on the type of bubble machine, install the battery in advance or make sure the device is fully charged.

3. Choose a suitable location: Use it outdoors or in a well-ventilated room. Avoid operating in an environment with strong winds to avoid affecting the formation and floating of bubbles.

How to use bubble machine

1. Assemble the machine: If the bubble machine needs to be assembled, please install the components correctly according to the instructions.

2. Add bubble liquid: Open the lid of the liquid tank of the bubble machine and pour in an appropriate amount of bubble liquid. Be careful not to exceed the maximum water level to prevent overflow.

3. Start up and preheat: Press the switch to start the bubble machine and let the machine run for a few seconds to preheat, which helps to better mix the bubble liquid and improve efficiency.

4. Adjust the angle and wind speed: Adjust the angle of the bubble machine's nozzle as needed. Generally, tilting it upward at about 45 degrees will produce the best effect. Some advanced models may have a wind speed adjustment function that can be adjusted according to the environment and needs.

5. Move smoothly: When holding or placing the bubble machine, keep it stable and move slowly to cover a wider area. Rapid or large movements may interrupt airflow and affect bubble production.

6. Enjoy the bubble moment: As the bubble machine operates, colorful bubbles will continuously float out, creating an atmosphere of joy and romance.

Maintenance of bubble machine

1. Cleaning: After use, clean the bubble gun liquid tank in time to prevent the residual bubble liquid from deteriorating and affecting the next use. Wash with mild soapy water and make sure it is completely dry before storing.

2. Storage: Store the bubble machine in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

3. Regular inspection: Regularly check whether all parts of the machine are intact, especially the battery contact points and motor parts, to ensure that they still operate normally the next time you use it.

Tips for using the bubble machine

- Bubbles form more easily and last longer in warm and humid weather.

- When making your own bubble liquid, adding glycerin or corn syrup appropriately can make the bubbles tougher and less likely to break.

- During use, avoid blowing bubbles directly onto people's faces or eyes to prevent discomfort.

Through the above steps and precautions, you can easily use the bubble machine to create a world full of fantasy and joy, which both children and adults can enjoy.

Tips to improve bubble effect of bubble gun

1. Optimize the bubble liquid formula: In addition to basic water, dish soap and optional sugar, experimentally adding a small amount of glycerin or corn syrup (about 5%-10% of the total amount) can significantly enhance the elasticity and elasticity of bubbles. Persistence. These additives can slow down the evaporation rate of water, making the bubble surface smoother and reflecting light more brilliantly. For users who pursue the ultimate experience, exploring the ratios of different brands of dish soap is also a key step in finding the perfect bubbles.

2. Environmental factor considerations: Although a warm and humid environment is conducive to bubble formation, care should be taken to avoid using it under conditions that are too high or too humid, because extreme conditions may affect the stability of the bubble liquid, causing rapid evaporation or overexposure. Early rupture. In addition, choosing a windless or breezy environment can ensure that the bubbles rise slowly and extend the viewing time.

3. Creative applications of LED bubble guns: Aiming colored LED lights or projectors at the bubble stream can create stunning light and shadow effects at night, adding fantasy to parties or performances. In addition, try adding food coloring or fluorescent powder to the bubble liquid to create colorful or luminous bubbles, bringing a different kind of fun to the event.

4. Modification and innovation of the bubble gun: For technology enthusiasts, moderate modification of the bubble machine is also a process full of challenges and fun. For example, 3D printing customized accessories can improve the nozzle design to achieve a larger range or more complex bubble shape output. Or, combine a small fan and a directional diversion device to precisely control the flight path of the bubbles and design a customized bubble display for specific scenes.

Safety and environmental awareness

While enjoying the joy brought by bubbles, safety and environmental protection issues should not be ignored. First of all, make sure that the bubble liquid ingredients used are safe and non-toxic. Especially for children, you should choose products marked with the words "child-safe" or "harmless". Secondly, consider the environmental impact by minimizing the use of single-use plastic containers, choosing refillable bubble machines, and encouraging recycling and reuse of resources. When using it in public places, pay attention to cleaning up the leftover bubble liquid to avoid causing slip risks or environmental pollution on the ground.


The efficient and creative use of bubble machines not only adds infinite charm to various occasions, but is also a medium for expressing personal creativity and emotions. By learning the detailed guide and advanced techniques above, you already have all the knowledge you need to become a bubble master. Next, is the stage of practice, where every operation you make becomes a feast of dreams and surprises, and bubbles become a bridge connecting laughter and beauty.